Why in earth

THIS link pretty much summons the questions one might have about ’why in earth do young people join the ’jihadists’ in an other country’ a country  they have no connections to from before other than the belief they must ’go find brothers and sisters’ of that country and fight the infidels to then win a war against their mutual enemy -in this case Assad- ….and then build the kalifat as said in the koran.

Their enemy is always someone not yet defeated , that is the core of the whole book , to fight an enemy. To live in peace and negotiate, reason, give space to other human beings the same way they want to have their ’religion’ unharmed seems to be difficult . Just look at the world !
The strange thing about Syria is :
THERE WAS NO RESTRICTION to the faith at all as the faith is carried by the majority of the people!!!!
Assad has never banned mosqes or praying or clothes-wearing-accordingly…

LISTEN TO THIS FORMER AL QUEDA MEMBER at least from 18:45 , please.
I think one must try to get the information from exactly these people, those who has been there , done that.
Listen to this one too , listen again even if you have done that before.

And finally I repeat THE GEORGE  GALLOWAY clip !
I agree with mr Galloway on what he says in the very end part of the clip,the part where the jihaist had left the audience….

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