Who are you to speak ?

In my country the debate is in many ways screwed.
Most of the  arguments are not based on facts.
Neither they share common knowledge ,or, I might add , nor proper schooling.
Decades has passed and we have seen the decline moving to bottom .

The war torn Syria gets most of the focus and by that the refugee crisis.

Who would have thought, who would have believed Syria in this state just picturing five plus years ago !?
A country, a sovereign state all torn apart  !
But hey !
All of Syria is not wrecked into pieces !
Let us begin praying also for Syria and her future.
Let us also listen to ’enemies of enemies’ when they make statements.
et´s hope all future talks will lead somewhere and give people at least some rest and security.

The recent attacks then…

Read this new piece from Maajid Nawas

’Yet it is not, as many suppose, just a handful of imams who are to blame for this radicalism.
There is a whole industry of activists – sometimes in the guise of advocacy groups and campaigners for human rights – who travel round mosques, universities, colleges and even community centers filling the heads of young Muslims with hateful ideology.’

’This does not by itself create a generation of terrorists, but it creates an atmosphere; a new world of non-violent extremists.’

In my country it is now a fact we must stop the imams, the salafi- councils in prisons …the organisations proclaiming they work for something they actually don’t do ,at all.

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