where they go wrong

when Moazzem Begg is quoted , as in this one…they  also take for granted ’ muslims’ should consider islam as an ideology, a political tool and NOT just a religion, held  on a  personal level.

(Those who claim to ’represent muslims in sweden’ are totally in for fighting for MB and that is so totally wrong of them )

This swedish jihadi has a lot of communication goin on in his tweeps , also his role turns to a raw- model to other young ’activists’ …I am thinking about those yet not travelled to Syria….
As said , since the infighting begun the killings have gone worse for every day. The arguments and the defending of them/these guys are honestly even more alarming ! Islamists world over defend – even Boko Haram !
Not all of them but those who question BH often get a debate contradicting the whole critc… you end up reading they actually do not care about the girls, they care about the image  of islam shown to us and that is cowardice !

I also pick up the totally weird way some of them turns good hadihs into ’ false’.

and that should be a worry for all the muslim communities…
Oh man , do they have issues…. !!!


will probably add more links and write more later, so please expect an update as with all other blogs.
I have a trouble managing the internet. It works both ways, one has to leave when it gets too busy.
A good rest and some pondering always makes me feel better, the writing here is , as said, mostly for my own brain…to kind of  load off all impressions ,otherwise I´d implode.


Article about Homs , posted today may 14th   about reality.

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