We know, because they’ve told us.

Another masterpiece on IS by Jessica Stern.

What Does ISIS Really Want Now?

This should be mandatory read not only for politicians but also muslims trapped within the fight.
I believe everyday that passes is a day we lose.
I am not sure we can handle this as our western liberal-lefties hasn’t got it clear…
Many of the narrative are embedded and shared , sadly to say…
(that’s why commies dare not make a stand against ISIS)

’You have taken muslim land’
’We, the oppressed people’
us and them …they both need the’ us and them’
They both go mad if they are having a good life together with people they should despise.
They can not understand true love ?

I have tried to get to understand these guys for a long time now and find me puzzled.
In many ways they seem immature and often I get a sense there is some kind of disability like ADHD !?
Many of them seem to be easily led. That is why they get brainwashed!?
Few tries to make a stand on their own and  are often silenced  by the common status’ allah knows best’ from brothers in arms…
But they do question the bigger attacks that sometimes draws attention in their land of citizenship.
Home Country is too much to call it.
Nations…countries..are a no-go-area.
Strangely they seem to seek shelter ,here,anyhow when things go bad.

They handle the internet and that is for sure one of the reasons the whole ’arab spring’ thingy could work this fast.
Maybe one day all could be reversed by the very same tools !?
Make pressure on the imams who should know better and also make Saudi & friends to really think things through about fundings and future life …Maybe proper schooling could do the trick ?
I’d like to see a lot of industries bloom in the Levant and people could live in peace without guards protecting them.
But sadly IS/AQ affiliates  do not seem to carry that will.
What to do ?



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