war and crimes

war crimes , every war has rules and those breaking them have thereby committed war- crimes.

Wonder how this briton will make it , will he be prosecuted in Syria and stay there imprisoned or will he be transported to UK ?

How many will the international security forces get hold of before they hide themselves anonymously somewhere in the world?
We have a few returning from that ’jihad’ (the terrorism of islam) already and they seem to be amused to hide from swedish security so far.
That would never be accepted if it was about the  neonazis , but one has to be happy at least they are banned.
There will never be any demonstrations shouting ’no islamists in the streets of sweden’ , as we have, by now , gotten too many of them already .
They are everywhere infiltrating , even @ university and most political parties but one.


/ also read this, there is a file shared by swedish jihadis about those carbombs…feels horrible to read considering the civilians killed… check the news about it.
/also think about all the money in this, we pay for people to get killed. Today , and since a long while ,I never put any money on any wellfare-collecting- issues. I do not trust anyone any longer.

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