various about old farming

a goat pondering?

same look here
at gamlia 014 Medium Web view
and here
at gamlia 010 Medium Web view

and that goes with me too…
I am baffled about man things…
those makes you stunned
and worried too
Anyhow I got to photograph a little the other day.
Made me think :
The old way to farm might be our only way to survive in the future..  ?

prevale and grow
great info here
at gamlia 034 Medium Web view
We must take care of all we knew before !

The buildings will get smaller us building them in future,,
but hopefully warmer through  wintertime?
We still have the woods …
at gamlia 003 Medium Web view

Maybe things will get better as son as the IS is removed from earth..and all their jihadis plus followers..clinged to them…
Then peace will arise again…

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