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I’ve been thinking about this tonight ….
How Islam,,, really, is a religion -together with Catholicism -in a negative way they challenge poor mother earth and do not care about birth rates and overpopulating !!!!
It is not fair and wise – globally- that humans should use propagation in this ’ war ’. …
’Miljöpartiet in Sweden’ belong to this group of imbeciles/ naive ones ,
a contradictory movement .
Remember that native tribes- people- have lived in harmony alngside with Mother Nature and not gained more offspring than they could earn a living …
THAT is the right thing to do I think.That is most fair !
It would be comical and ever so interesting to put together a panel of Islamists and ecologists on this very issue. The leader of the debate could get to be ’Mother Earth Defenders’
* hm *
There it is : The world , mother earth , should and could and would really need such a ’new’ religion !!
And there we have it : for example, the girl effect —->
An important first step , a severe matter of course!! Education!! Which is evil in the-name-of-Allah ………..
An insight which is also lacking of many many more.

/// read this !!! ///
Are we heading a ww3    :-O    !?

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