Listen to this !!

This is a topic which is difficult .
I am of the belief we need to sustain human/ the’ humansimus’.
The aid for undeveloped countries is NOT to ’ only look at those that seek asylum’.
Is it not better and further more budget to help out in those countries where the problems are current!?
Is it not better to save your own country and make it prosperous so you can and most do – take in migration due to need for work or other as students / research/so forth..
Developed countries like ours in the western world should really pay attention to keep the democracies intact and to continue building them.
The various budgets for aid is for every country to decide where to put the money and when.
Education and and acting as ’rawmodels’ becomes natural to me.
Much more budget in all concerns than taking on NONE democratic forces that are NOT , that HAVE NO plans to become citizens of your country only to use it for sharia and such BS.

We do no favour for future for any part if we western civilized continue to act as we have done so far.
many people that flee -mostly women- seek for freedom and equal rights and by ’us’ letting their patriarc men to join, they are still trapped in the laws of sharia and such BS.

ps read Daniel Quinn  read Christhoper Hitchens, read Pat Condell ,read Richard Dawkins to start with ?

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