Turkey sucks , badly

Listen to this

( I guess you already have listened to the leak ,here ?)

Ever since the arab spring went into Syria I have had trust in ambassador mr Bashar Ja´afari.

I still do.
And as far as I have learned it now all summons up ,the false flags are revealed one by one.

The insurgents, the terrorists from all over has done their share of revealing all the way what they are up to and why.
All material has been of their own producing. You only need to keep posted.
They suck too, the islamists suck terribly bad and most they do it to their own ’ brothers and sisters’ all over the world. They are manipulating and they are themselves manipulated people. If it was only about the savage killlings , but no , it does not stop there. All fundings and all propaganda will continue long after Syria as they have the Gulf regions paying them .They pay imams and various scollars to preach the ideology of satan.
Islam is not a religion. Islam is a death-squad , a manual about how to conquer and kill.
Very few muslims keep it as a religion and them you will not find on rallies and on telly as they are normal people.

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Even artists have begun opening eyes and ears ! Thanx Cher !!!

Some good news here , people getting back to their homes  ( Yabroud cleared here )
Let´s hope there will be more  of these then.



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