together and apart

In Lebanon we have same factions as in Syria and the little country has been affected  and engaged by the war due many reasons.
This article does not come as a surprise to me.
Read it .

All these conflicts
All these wars going on

I just wish people would begin taking care of each other instead.
The greed is probably the cause. Some starve and others dwell of wealth.
Some raises big families and som choose to wait and prepare firstly,they attend school, they build a home and that you can only do if you have a job.
A normal way to think.

Conflicts of other kinds , here an intersesting woman:
We should invite all these women who has a say and they would make a difference I am sure!
It´s about making a change and prevent /stop the extremist´s communities inviting radical imams and those kind of preachers.
They are only in for to harm us non believers. Of that we have learned very much lately.

Back to war again
here a posting of an ISIS defender, he is explaining latest ’infightings’. …
Well, in a way it IS interesting to follow how they ,again, steadfast get around the fact they are invading a country and forcing people to live under sharia laws…or die…
They avoid mentioning any kind of disagreements people has had with them , the insurgents…the nazis of islam

His   tw account  ,  a friend of a swedish jihadi´,this second abu  ( also swed) I believe is dead as he has been silent for many days now….He used to communicate quite often a-day…
My terrorist ( the one I follow and call ’Osman’ )is still alive and kicking ,but as said I think he is hiding in Turkey…? He is gone afraid to die now ?  maybe some are not that brave he claims ?

from posting :
No further attempts were made to explain why ISIS would leave the heartland it had defended from rival rebels during the last four months’
4 months …as if they own Raqqa now!?
That’s what they are.

I hope they get the same treatment as Al-Shabab and Boko Haram will get in a near future !!!

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