to create and invent

Lately most images has been of birds or of  ice and snow.
Now the spring shows me new objects  and I find it ever so interesting to go exploring them.
The fairytale needs so summon up and new ideas to take place.

interesting stub

interesting stub

This piece of wood , the old stub now even more wrecked apart..
Firstly it looked like a gorilla (the top of it)..
then  a figurine wearing a knights helmet ?
I am pleased of getting the fence blurred just enough.

I got closer and took another shot.



Now , that was better , the contrast ,the background,
and most of all an interesting profile !
The eye of it makes it all , to me at lest 🙂

I like to try to get a background that is in sync with the object,
as  in the image of first ’tussilago’   -called coltsfoot ?

tussilago may  7th

tussilago may 7th

this last one I needed to rotate a bit as it  had a’ face ’ there too 🙂
Now it looks like a yellow helmet or a cap of asort .
…. but still is just a springy flower 🙂

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