To build up something nowadays

can be tricky.
I think I have written about it before ,,there is always one (or two) who are those dragging people around to listen out , to check in , to evaluate if they could or should join whatever the task or issue it is.
Energetic people often entreprenours in some way (or the other)
Creative people that often finds unique solutions to problems.
Open minded and often too loud telling about their ideas so ,,they do often get ripped off from their ’gold in the casket’
/ a swedish say I just came up with but have experience of /
Anyhow ,,these days you really need support if you are to get anywhere and the best way to find that support is to try to reach out within the closest circles you visit.
I hope to get Maria Calmestrand to be my first guest writer here as we have thought about the idea that every prog-rock community  in Sweden needs to support each other .

ni som läser detta och är inne på samma idé kolla in denna grupp och fråga om inträde?


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