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this photo blog might be written in swedish at times due to my need to question tech issues about camera and the photographing per say.
Some friends follow these postings as in ’ how I figure out things they themselves need to know’.
I am not all satisfiedt about the uploading of previous images , some are shown in too small size.
On the other hand I need to keep this down and not give away too freely as I also have customers asking for the original. If  I sell something from here I wish to not have had them shared too much…

Could be tricky in the long run so I better do as I do for now.

Winter is still dominating the scenes of nature and I hope to get many images still before spring and all running water, all birds and animals returning to the forests ,,,all flowers and most of all the change of light.
Images are mostly created in the light or the lack of  it or how you frame and choose aperture to get the contrast deep enough.
I will probably not do much of landscapes and such , my drive is to get inspiration by all them figurines an faces out there.
This little posting turned positive to me all of a sudden , yes , that is what look forward to , to find even more new objects !! 🙂

Finally ,this blog  warmly dedicate to Wolf, She´l ,Marie,Maria and all wonderful people out there .

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  1. Mari says:

    Thank you Birgitta! <3

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