This is silly

Every time I get lost in traffic I feel that coming before it happens !
I do still get on and hope to find that right lane….
In darkenss it does not work all too good.
Yesterday I was almost hit by a truck , one of those big ones.
Me  ..without proper bicycle lights and reflectors !!
I must shape up !!
could have been me Medium Web view

Image taken from google as I can´t photograph myself  😉
but it is very similar to location of work at  ’Kvantum’ a very remote  supermaket counting from my neighbourhood. One can say it is on the other side of the city !!
Still one of the best supermarkets all in all ,so friendly and the customers really the best of people !!

This image is from playground at lake , now a wonderful wintery location.
The little bridge becomes even more beautiful with the frosty snow on it !
And my friend Woody is here often so no wonder I spend alot of time close to this area 🙂

this is how dark it was on-my-way-home-from-work ->
8 PM JAN 25 2013 Medium Web view

BRI 56

a giant sculpture somewhere in nowhere-land 😉


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