The world is still mad

Belief or not this cleric is one of those I recommend you to listen to.
He is the first one who makes a point without name-calling and pointing fingers.
Neither does he ’legislate’ any side in the now upcoming civil war in Egypt.
He is rather lonely in this , as the sunnis and all kinds of ’mullahs’ and other preachers just howl and continue to claim war .
They continue to call people to get out into the streets and ’protest’ the way they have been doing  past weeks now. Maybe the martyrdom is more important than the protesting itself ? What makes them go for churches and christianity now ? Why burn churches ?

I have read alot about the ’psychology ’ and the cultural differensies…
To reason and negotiate seems not to be the trait of islamists….
I also call the morsi protesters  islamists as they  kill ’brothers’ plus  infidels ofcourse.
// my letter about islamists//
When I got across the history of the ottomaan empire I see very few thinkers. The leaders kept knowledge to themselves? Warriors are maybe only to follow rules and those they have plenty of according the koran. In todays war they only need someone ( just any) from a great variety of mullahs , to do as they say and to use what ever argument needed.

The more I read comment fields from pro mursi and from brotherhood I read the constant chanting about kafirs ..about us …portraited as western pigs so forth.
Now when muslims are killing muslims they continue to use those mantras.
No matter where in the world ,even if it is in Iraq and a car bomb explodes ( shia-sunni ) …they convert it to a guilt of the americans. Today America is to be blamed no matter what they do.
Lately Sweden has become a country to be blamed too and that I find so saddening !
Honestly it is horrifying as we are to get a bunch of  jihadist back from war (in Syria) soon , those that survives that is….
Our country is not able to handle that , we do not have required resourses for those issues.
war/ islam/

I have often thought , what was their reason to kill before ww1 ? The last battles before they even had met any ’allies’…What was the most common argument back then ?

Was it about infidels ( to be killed) or was it no arguments , just warfare to enlarge an empire that built a lot of palaces to impress. What did the people feel about that ?
Today the western world is accused for so much one can hardly find anything they like about us…so the question is
– hey why do you come to our part of the world then ?
If you are so clever and the religion of peace works …not to mention all oil and all welth saudi has…
Why in hell aren´t you making it ?

We could visit each other , export and import and exchange many many things to improve life quality.
The migration could be of the kind tourism and studies , also for work.
The wars could easily be ended and the thing with all this enourmous migration due war is not fair on us living in small countries with no oil and no climate to grow food for our own population.
To me..
I think it is unkind and unfair and disgusting the way you haunt us , ridicule us and make fun of us …at the same time living on our behalf.
Our money will end one day , what will you do then ?
Kill us all ?
What will you do then?
Continue to find new infidels and eventually kill off most of your selves.
Well done , maybe that is our destination and all that jazz….

If you ask me I think we all can all see the weakness so far.
No normal educated person acts the way you do.
We are civilized.
Not you.


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