the wild forest

It was said to be wilderness in the outskirts of the city, not far away from the jail.
Considering the dense forest I think anyone escaping through that environment could easily loose the track where to find the way out.
We left the bikes when we got close enough to begin the long walk to the water running from a lake distant.
Previously there has been beavers keeping the area to themselves and from that we could see the remainings : all them trees half chewed into falling apart. The woods looked like a mess ! Also there had been the usual community-led cleaning up of areas close to the path we walked.
I prefer the nature as it is , none- touched by man.
The sun was tough so images were difficult to shoot. One had to just hope for the best and pick the right angles.
Not many turned out good enough for me. At least Wolf got some to keep as a memory of the outing ?
He brought only the cellphone and the binoculars.

this part was an easy lane to walk.


Black and white is not that bad. I have not been into that much yet.
My photos  then , down below :

CH Medium Web view

you´ve  got to wear proper shoes

found strange things left ,maybe past winter ? Debris and junk.

skräp i naturen Medium Web view

In the woods  some birches untouched:
ORÖRDA BJÖRKAR Medium Web view

Some shady areas had small ditches with ice still left .
HÅL Medium Web view

but most parts were fallen trees

some you could picture had been ther for  years , maybe since the beavers were still around ?

FÖR ETT ÅR SEN Medium Web view

A 5-hour walk makes you rest the next day.

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