The starling’s visit

After the escape from ISIS

A great article about the refugees of Yazidis and other , the children and their PTSD….

–displacement has left thousands still living in tented refugee camps nearly two years later.

Around half of the 20,000 Yazidi refugees who settled in Khanke camp near Dohuk are children.

The UK-based AMAR foundation wanted to help educate Yazidi children, but also to help them process the trauma they have suffered.’

CHECK Kitabna org

Read also this article ’In the fray’
A grad student Matthew Barber takes a hiatus from his studies to help a people under threat from the Islamic State.

There are numbers of organisations and activists to support rather than only viewing thos who migrate to Europe.
Many of them are not escaping islamists, at all……


The Starling’s Visit


The Cat’s Family


Esraa’s Stories


The Lake Where Frogs Lived


The Giant Watermelon



Also check out girleffect org


It all connects in  end terms

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