The elephant in the room

One of the elephants in the room of Sweden is called:
’The infiltration of salafism-wahhabism’.
It´s connections has even reached ISIS in Syria and Iraq !
The other fraction has the same ideology but via the Muslim Brotherhood. Jabath Al-Nusra Front.
Radical sunni muslims has infightings going on here now.
The shias are left outside as they are considered ’non-muslims’ kafir , pigs so forth.
They are put in the same rank as jews and us other ’western filth’….
Think about that for a moment. Then think about what will happen when there are a lot of weapons in this too…And not to forget the skills the ’jihadis’ have got from the war…when they return……us…the ’none- country’….
Why ’none-country’? Well some political parties consider us global , a none state.

rosa elefant

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