the AQ-ISIS split

Listen to this debate
ou will there find alot of issues that you might never come across before.
The war in Syria affects us all.
The terrorism is threatening us all, all over the world.
Mr Abu Hamza was found guilty and now many ’movements’ will try to get him freed.
That itself is dangerous as they are many getting fuels from imams and all kinds of self-proclaimed ’emirs’ and leaders ..both on the field but as mosques …in the streets and -sadly-in our political scenes.
The radical forces pave their way into our democratic parlaments…
The radical forces allows themselves to lie and to speak with broken toungs.
The radical forces knows exactly where to distract, when to distract and how to distract us from the truth.

Only the fighters on the ground are ’honest’ enough to go all the way.
The fighters on the ground are also brainwashed, they are in fact (in some extent)’victims’ too.

Many of these foreign fighters have no clue what is happening and has to rely on what ’brothers’ tweet or retweet.
The war has alot to do with social media, understandably so as they are apart from each other geographicly and cannot travel to discuss ’eye to eye’ of danger of being killed.
Read this 
and this one
You see the various  ways there are to even attempt to describe what is happening.
adding those articles withcurrent  news/media you will understand why different countries has different ways to spread, the news. Most is hidden from ’common people’ as long it is possible. Ask yourself why .
One can but wonder why our politicians hasn´t checked in all this…
Why and what are they afraid of ? Isn´t islam a religion of peace ?  (supposed to be that is)
sorry for posting violent images but…
I think we must get used to it, the murders and the violence.
Abu malik is ( also) from sweden ,as truthsmaster, did I tell you that before ? They are many of them ’abus’ here sharing the same view of infidels and such. I will never understand why it is okay and why the government does nothing to stop them !? We -who are questioning gets labelled ’islamophobics’ , well , I tell you I am just afraid of murderers.

I will forever curse the government and the media and all those keeping silent, including my own friends and family.

image of unknown horse is called ’jihad’

ds , we will face many costy convictions ahead….

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