soon over ?

Assad regime took back Homs and now there is still areas undone, but mainly, one of the biggest victories so far was Homs. The terrorists claimed they would never ever leave , they´d rather get killed they said…
Well , what to add, they were murderers and looters .They were not real muslims ,they were not from Syria most of them and most of all : not real men,at all.
Mind you the west media has drawn a picture to you that people were fleeing Assad, do you understand now who they had to escape from !?  Get it in your heads once and for all!!! Assad has made it  and many newspapers has begun posting articles. I hope all the refugees will get back home soon. I also hope the refugees in my country will leave for Syria as soon as they can. Their future is in Syria as Syrians. That is what we all should understand and help out with, the returning to homeland. We  all need a belonging .
// bm
The swedish telly showed a program ’ returning to Homs’ and the guy portraited was an islamist. He is now in jail. The song  Lyrics translated into swedish/english
Vi är Homs riktiga medborgare.            //’We are  the real citizens of Homs’
Vi är sunna och aldrig tillåter shia styra över oss. // ’We are sunna and will never allow Shia to control us’
Gråt inte över oss kära Homs för paradiset väntar på oss. //Do not cry over us dear for the paradise is waiting Vårt blod, vi sunna, är väldigt dyr. // Our blood, the sunna, is very precious. Vi kommer att spilla deras blod i mängder // Their blood will flood as the rivers   ( my translate) 
Abu Baker och Omar är våra fäder därför aldrig vi böjer oss till Shia ..’// Abu Baker and Omar are our fathers,  we will never bow and kneel to Shia .. ’
It is Horrible the msm media is unable to check out what they feed the audience….but maybe that was planned ?    // bonus material I have been following this ’lonely rider’ since jan 17 and now he has been known by swedish jihadis i Syria.
Just found more information, he seems to have got attention from many more ..of us…searching for answers. Also from a few other net forums , things are reaching ’to be summoriced’.
Great !! I call him Osman  , those blogs are written in swedish-sorry.
/ds Abu yaqeen was the first insurgent I came across ,and as his hometown was listed same as mine….
I got afraid but also qurious. Today I think I won´t dig deeper into him especially…he might come back one day? his name  Jandal is to be found on twitter too ?…and it would not surprice me it is the same guy as all the swedish connections are there to be seen.
Here is an old listing I just found on reddit, sigsauer is  a swed too , that I know. H e is still alive.
They just need to make up the mind where and when  to go martured.

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