shiism in sweden

I just read this piece and came to think about the situation in my country.
How are the shias doing? How many are they ?
What do they think about the war in Syria?
How many has felt looked down upon by any of the sunni,more radical sunnis, in their close environment?
Has the refugee crisis been hard upon them?
Have they been able to have a word ,maybe as translators to help out at the migration board?
Do they feel they are discriminated concerning the amount of media attention and funding the salafis from the muslim brotherhood constantly receiving? How do they feel about that it is all from ,our, tax payers money ?
What would they feel about this article if translated to swedish?
Have they been able to help out sorting disputes according the shias from Afghanistan? Is there alot of difference between the hazaras and them?
If there would be peace in Syria/Iraq ,would they feel comfortable to move back to the region again?
What do they think about all activities the muslim brotherhood has been up to lately?
Do they get bad reputation due to the fact the amount of sunni jihadists makes a great part of the terrorists?
Are they  afraid of the homecoming so called insurgents?
Would they prefer us non muslims to get more enlightenment to not connect shias to their (MB:s) radical way of practising islam…a branch they themselves surely are not a part of …a branch which considers them as ’non-muslims’…?
Do they see a future when the sunni muslims will tolerate them as equals?

How do they feel about us , the majority,the non muslims who has been living here for generations?
Do they feel worried so many has become scared to death of all terror attacks happening all the time? Do they understand the fear old people can feel about this all?
Has anyone of them opportunity to tell the sunnisalafists we feel bad…Tell them we feel sad and most of all we feel we are being raped.
There were no terrorist in our country way back when most of us ,now turning 60 ,grew up.
We no longer feel this is our country .Can they imagine it is the same way they felt when they had to leave their country of various reasons…To lose the home…?
How do they feel about people being worried sick?
Is there anything they could do?

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