Saudi is afraid of their own foot soldiers

Check this out
t sure makes you wonder…

But those who fear fo real are us
no wonder …if one considerers all that´s happening in the past.

So..what´s the story …so far the same…Muslims kill muslims in a islamic country.
I put Syria there aswell due the fact it had alot good going on. The people liked their country and there were all religions gathered. People adressed themselves as Syrians .
Today all the war and the infigting increased they are not friends with neighbours as before.
The war has moved into the dangerous secterism and the split amongs people due faith will rip the rest of the trust apart.  What happened  actually ?
Was it meant to be torn  and weakened to  the benefit of the powers,the world-powers?
Is there any truth behind all conspiracy and all theories blaming everyone but the regim?
Could there have been a chanse of negosioation with the opposition had the insurgents not entered ?

I do not know.
Only time will tell.
And time makes even moe people get murdered.
That´s about it.

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