same procedure

yes ,same procedure as last killings – don´t you know the verse by now !?

’That’s not islam’
’Do not judge all muslims for what some criminals does’
( of course I don´t and have never done)
’the murders was a retaliation and no jihad’
’Those are not real muslims’
’We * condemn the brutal killings now in Kenya ’   <—- click there
( … all kinds of organisations that are afraid they will loose their fundings from various state/tax-payers money now … will be the first ones to begin jabbing -I am sure )
’ This was a horrible act of terror and we must bare in mind to not put fire on fire and make innocent muslims to take the bill for it’
’We urge you to not fill your hearts with anger but stay calm and let us pray for the victims of this horrible act’
( That’s what all kind of world leaders will say I guess)

A few imams will talk about condemning in another way, they will assumably recite some beautiful hadits from the koran and remind us islam is a religion of peace and other facts made these murderers go loose…
( That´s what I believe will happen)

and the story will go on and on and all western countries having had these issues to deal with since decades now …will probably put even more money into various projects that will make us ’meet each other’ and those who never have had anything against foreigners will hopefully meet people …people, their neighbours ,,,many of those immigrants who has avoided them (us)  due to they (we)  are being seen as : infidels, pieces of dirt, whores, american slugs, zionist-poo so forth….
Those to blame will always be the previous in spe…we=us the bad guys of course…

well what to say
I wish I could pray

adding clip from Aleppo 2011…     <—- click there

I have began loosing hope for mankind…
But I know ,,,when tomorrow comes,,,I will continue to talk to the kurdish old man,,,the alawite too and the secular-sunni woman…and the student from china…and the old men from the finnish club…
They would never dream of accusing me for such dirt and namecalling as ’rasis’nor phobia of any kind.
How strange that is on the net I read people that seem to be wise enough, old enough and have ability to read and think…they still  hold on to opinions that are contradictions of teir behaviour.. False people, hypocracy rules.

I will still be verbally ( written)  attacked for being ’islamophobic ,and all that shit ,,from various ’friends’ and even family on facebook…

Sunday might be the day when I finally made my list the way I want it to be !!!!
*crop*  *cut*  *delete*




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