Russia sharing

I just found this short text ,and it made me laugh.

Paint Makes Difference

So ’russian’, don´t you think !?
A bit brusque and a bit of sarcasm with a few words used.
Sorry for my poor english.
Back to war issues.
I do not like conspiracy theories but I always check them out.
This one though…might have a say.
And most important : He poses a good question :
How come the american airforce has missed out every pipeline in areas held by IS + kurds !?
Yes , that is most interesting  regarding they have been there bombing for quite a while now.
What happens if Putin hits them instead :-O


I do not know who Philip Butler is neither Vladimir  Samarin and that does not matter.
As long as one can find interesting views from abroad I am pleased.
I just have to add this text too !!
Read and digest willya

Posting one image of today , I could call it ’precision’

preciserade mål

over and loud

Putin once said ’ I don´t negotiate with someone who cuts out the heart of an enemy and chews on it.
FSA it was, in the beginning of the war, remember that.


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