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Aug 28 edit
My latest swed blog adding to this content ..you must translate it,have no time atm
aug 25 edit
This up-loader amer mosa / brown moses /seems to have more  of the horrible images from Syria
–in sync with timeline…?
The first one I got to see was SHAMSNN wich had posted some questionable recordings blended there…As older/previous war fotage…That uploader made 118 tubeclips within a few hours.
All in all it is ,with no doubt now , terrifying :and the question is
Who did it ? Will we ever get to know ? ….
War about the oil and the money-weapon-trade …or what else 🙁
What will the world leaders do ? ww3?


Previous blog txt :

’ Where is the rigor mortis? Where is the blue skin?’
– says one person commenting on reuter news ,about the alleged chemical attack…in Syria aug 21st….postings of  ’evidence’ …  that  began the day before they were supposed to have happen….
I have gone through most of the videos and I must agree on that…
Many bodies seem to have been dead longer period and many seem not dead at all.
In fact ,in one video a little girl has eye movements and open them quite clearly. ( one little girl alive makes you feel some hope to last checking all horror!!)
In another a guy is laying ’dead’on the floor and the last second when the tube-clip ends he sits normal position .Maybe he has risen from death!?
Many positions of arms , hands are not common to see of dead bodies.
The colour of skin also leading to one thinking maybe they have been sedated strongly ?
The amount of tubeclips of ’evidence’ suddenly showing up from one day before it actually was supposed to have happen….the amount of recordings makes one think..How did theese people survive the attacks,those that recorded this from various cellphones !? I guess they must have been in the area ? All work to upload them all must be carried out with a firm organizing…*erm*

The different light and all different locations,,,that sometimes contains having the same human bodies filmed makes one even more suspicious.
Surely and sadly there are dead bodies there, but the question arises : when did they actually die and from what ?

The questions are many and I do hope the investigations will get the facts needed.
The truth must come clean !!! And most of all  : O B A M A must rethink all his plans ,we are many getting this picture now  , we see through it all     🙁
What about honesty for a change ????


Links are to be found on previous swed blog,I do not have the energy to repost them here just yet.
Use google translate.




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