Today I found this clip from Syria and it made me feel alot better !
Foreign ’insurgents’ aka terrorist captured and brought to jail.
Civilians unleash their anger  and they surely do have my sympathy.
The woman hitting with her shoes has lost a son ,she yells ’you scum terrorists, why did you come here in first place’ ’you murdered my son’…(roughly translated) one can but feel her anger and grief.
These guys are brought to prison, but their ’captives’  when battling got a shot in the neck or got beheaded….
I hope the Swedes in the bus do never get back to Sweden. Sadly we have already people turning back from this filthy war and now they are hiding just the way they hid their faces on the tubeclips and all the images ,the promotion of jihad they have produced last years. I hate them.
May they rutt in hell.
May my government withdraw all fundings and stop  the islamsist for good ! 🙁
Judgement day is soon here ! They have made so many people feel bad sad and afraid not to forget all the dawa ,all lies and intrigues …and all that shit. They cause but trouble . They should not live in our western part of the world, at all.

Hope all international security police and intelligence will catch them all .
The preachers are the first to be caught . I am not alone with these opinions.
Karma I say , KARMA !!!

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