and get back home again
ead this article and think about it in a few years perspective.
The best option for all sides would be to let people live where they belong.
Everyone deserves a home country !

Here another article , a great read again , by Aron Lund.
’killing two birds with one stone’ I’d call it.

I truly hope all this he writes would come through !
Maybe then we could face peace after all !?
But IS and the other extremists must be stopped first.
E_l_i_m_i_n_a_t_e_d preferably.

Adding this piece about division13.

’But on March 13, the day after Division 13 was ejected from Maarat al-Nu’man, hundreds of residents took the town’s streets waving the nationalist flag of the original Syrian republic. Women and children drove Nusra out of the posts it had occupied and set them on fire. Rather than shoot civilians, Nusra fighters left town. The next day, an even bigger demonstration swept Maraat al-Nu’man. Men can be seen on videos climbing on walls and tearing down Nusra flags.’

So…a prolonged seacefire could strengthen the part of the opposition that are fed up with the islamists !?

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