Putin involvement in Syria

I think I wrote about it 2 years ago. In fact exactly 2 years ago ! But in swedish. a total of ten blogs mentioning Putin and hoping he’d jump in and save what’s left of poor Syria.

I found this article,written by Aron Lund, linked by  @joshua_landis  and I got interested to check it out.
Yes I agree , a masterpiece ! I trust these guys alot.
Putin’s plan

One can but guess.
I hope for the second plan.
Better to make sure the supply for important  power plants as gasfields is secured.
Sounds strange? No I think finances and electricity is vital for everybody.

Next would be, of course to secure Latakia area.
IS must leave Homs too , but I guess there will be Assads own soldiers that could fix it?
What Obama does or not I really don’t trust any more.

sept 24  2015

*EDIT: lägger in denna belysande tweet från Kassem Hamade på plats!
sept 25 2015

Min väninna varit mot utländsk involvering:”konstig känsla.Jag o andra glada över rysk närvaro i . får oss o ändra våra åsikter”.’

Bit på den ni ,här ser vi nog en ändring på gång,men hur många fler kommer dödas ?
hur många fler kommer att fly ? HIT
hur många kommer, egentligen, från Syrien ?……

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