Putin Gadaffi and Hezbollah

To get a grip of the middle -east is difficult.
Still one can try !

I gathered last links to one blog

My own conclusions I have not explained fully as I find it wrong to even pretend I know more than you.
I just try to get a grip….of this jigsaw-puzzled formation of wars…


I ran across this interview with Putin ,,, very intereting indeed !

( Go check the Assad interview too if you have not just yet !?  )

All this  lead me to check up the Gaddafi speech from 2009 
 here the link to written txt.

This lady speaks open about  her Hebollah , also making me understand more !

But I am far from getting the grip ….   !

Yesterday I went through a lot of debates on the net on some links/twitters/fb/homepages  and the net of people that ’talks’ with each others.. I can not reveal  them here…

My posting from facebook :
’Have been following a bunch of arab leaders and intellectuals/writers and their debates about the middle- east conflicts..Oh if Obama could read them, also UK gov…..because …it does not matter what they do:the overall opinion is that saudi /qatar and the oil/money/shipping gas so forth….is what it´s all about. The us are for ever to get the blame even if they´ll back off everything now immediately!
So no matter if we look upon them as ’rivals’ too and fighting each other..by the end of the day there is a mutual brotherhood of islam and the huge different approach to life ,,,a perspective we will never get!. Muslims will stay together,keep together and as for Egypt they have seen it through.Syria is looked upon as the last resort west tries to divide and split just due to get to Iran….They see all this and feel bad about the religion being filthy by all murders and all evil that makes brothers to kill brothers…I belive they will never give in as long as Israel + us (uk) keeps on holding the area and having their saudifriends backing…
More blood will be spilled…that is for sure.
To read these kind of debates is also uplifting as they write with more caution and does not use the same kind of bad-mouthing as folks on the jihadist pages…I so wish I could speak arabic !!!
// good night from bm’

Now morning shines outdoors, must get on with the day

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