much of what I have been picturing.
A very informative interview here.
 try to get most of what I repost or comment  …I try to take their own sources.
No ’as being said’- perspectives.

The best overlooking is to follow a few persons and let time and current news pass.
You get to see what they react upon, how they react and most of all….you get to notice things they never comment or care about.  There will be a ’theme’ inbedded, very clear to see if you are observant.
This works damned good if you do the same to activists in your own country, if you follow a politician or if you follow a journalist.
If they are honest and clear , if they also want to find what is most true you will find them commenting or
checking more into things that they obviously had a different view (of) from the beginning.

Those people are rare these days, I tell you !
Those who keep a depth…a certain quality about what they produce or share….

Maybe the world would be a better place if those honest people were to be heard ?
In fact it does not matter if the ’opponent’ has a weird or a very different/radical point of view.
If that person is consistent and totally honest it is way better than those who speak with broken tounges.
The worse are those that hide their agendas and trick people to believe they are up to something good…when they in fact plan horrible scams.

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