The Genova 3  here you´ll have a great summary.
Again mr Aron Lund sort things out.

Here a tweet that shows some of the opinions (doubt)..


Another briefing worth a read.


And here a piece on the jihadi rivalry, the one you will find if you follow the jihadists be it of Islamic state or Al Qaeda factions.

common views from jihadists in Somalia



These links will give you a better understanding of current status.
No , it will not give you a hint of the scale of terrorism threats and the ongoing war visavi west and islam as they want to put it.
They, the islamists that pushes the agenda built upon their own views…
I think we must face this and understand as being non-muslim we are not the ones who are going to solve future
disagreements amongs the muslim population worldwide.
The problem with extremism is upon them to solve.
We have to consider that and keep an eye .
A close eye.



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