Osman in english

One of the swedish jihadists I am following..was also found by reddit.
Here is an overview how it all started   (the overview of reddits encounter with him)

For me ,it was a short tubeclip six months earlier…sept 2013…
I was folloving the war in Syria..and was upset because of the black flag  had been put outside a mosque in Sweden….
I was upset because of the refugees coming to us , only just,,and those longe time before..
I was really upset they had to see  the flag in our country!!!

In the clip..there was comments made  an I googled the name ’anonymous’ but I read only the comments from the tube clip about the flag at that time…
Later I also found him on Elliot Higgins blog…Mostly commenting about warfare issues.
When he turned up to Reddit I googled at his homepage (which is now deleated)..and I also checked out  his youtube account.

So…january 17 when he entered Syria and the city of Azaz….I got to follow the tweets.
Rest is history.
The guy is still alive  .
He has changed the name of the account to  AbuHamzaaaa
ut you can google to find lots of info from the old account  named  Anonymousenojk.
Why care about this extreme extremist?
Just because he has turned into a -relatively- moderate one comparing to his brothers in arms of  IS.
His mindset is the same..but I do not know how many he has killed…just yet. Has he ?
He has 1770 follovers today ,and began with  less than 200 in january.
People were questioning him…(jihadis too)
Not anymore.
Still, he is a lonely rider..
One of those that I believe could very well conduct an act of his own.
will he get married to a swed/somali girl called ummadidas ?  They are many…those jihadibimbo´s…
They have revealed tweets in swedish…no reason to delete from accounts..we already have the screens… We  alreay know of all beheadings they salute by sharing them. Women are not, by all means, less cruel !!!  Just think about the brittish wife of a swedish terrorist…

there are thousands and  thousands of them in all our western countries by now….
All having this ideology that allows them to take up arms to all ’infidels’…

copypaste from google search just now ->

  • Twitter / ummadidas: @Anonymousenojk in sha Allah, …



    Jul 25, 2014 – @Anonymousenojk hahaha tung är du är du i sverige nu? Details Expand … @ummadidas Nej inte än men snart inshallah. Details Expand …’

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  1. Abu Hamza says:

    Hahaha detta var jo lite roligt. Dock måste du lära dig engelska din dumma fan. Dock så blir det inga attacker i sverige, vi är inte brutala människor som går till andra människors länder för att bomba och kriga som sverige gör i afghanistan.

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