Welcome and feel free to return one day when I have worked on this a bit more.
No need to hurry , you better stay calm  😉

I just quoted a song from the first album of  HFMC called Future Past ,.
The one song I love the most is ’Fallen Empire’
still after 2 1/2 years now…I just … love it.

– Maybe the fact the lyrics feels important to adress , to remind of … everyday…
-Maybe and most sure it is of course due the fact the band did their tour opening in my city
and when I got to check out the album prior to that ,
I was happy , emotional even , and a hell lot relieved it would work !

Yes they sure are a great Live band too  and that is for me important when it comes to book bands…
No matter the albums ,,they must  handle the LIVE scene  too !!!

HERE is the community that could ,very well serve those bands,,but we need more paying members to be able to …one day …or not..

// brb editing the swenglish later

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