No date set for further talks

So the Genova 2 has ended , the article sounds pessimistic, still they write :
’–a four-point agenda for the next round, which includes fighting against terrorism, a transitional government, national institution building and national dialogue. Brahimi said both the government and the opposition agreed to the agenda’

Well it could be worse.
What more is going on in the middle-east ?  Think these  businesses and affairs are to be considered important in the longer run.

On the ground  , in Syria the war continues and the way the ’opposition’ forces are handling it is remarkable ’ancient style’
SIS is fighting all and everyone , they beheaded 4 PKK members the other day…  ( you know pkk /Turkey…
JAN (jabath al nusra)  is still promoting them and showing ’alliance’ even though they themselves get killed too  in various locations… Strange way of combat to me….
FSA is no more and the part of  them that shared the hardcore ’radical’ view are now with ISIS  or some rebel fraktion aligned with them…
Only the kurds seem t o have built a common ground and a force to keep their areas cleen as much as they can.
The kurds did not wake up until end of  2012 / beginning of 2013 when they got  massacred by AQ affiliates…
Hopefully they will be  left in peace after this hell is over ? …..

The  latest’jihadi’- swedish -lunatic is still alive , he is in Azaz..hanging with the ’brothers’of ISIS…
So…well maybe he will post a pic of the beheaded guys as he wrote the other day ?

Abu Hamza al-Erhabi ‏@Anonymousenojk  15 feb

Yesterday Dawlah cut the necks of 6 captured PKK members an displayed their heads on the entrance of the town. I might get a pic later.’

….’Jihadists’…craze-romantic to call them ’rebels’ as the main stream media addresses them …
Makes me feel like throwing up !!! 🙁
– We will get them back to our countries in Europe by one they come…well trained of this and that…
No wonder people don´t trust the government’s  anymore…These guys don´t feel safe to have around…
But as soon as you complain the silly people will call you ’islamophobic’…….
I have read a lot of comments by silly ignorant people past months now….
Sometimes I wish them a huge suicide-bomb- attack….Will they get it then ???
Guess not…you can´t get through their minds…that is the biggest poblem in Europe and  much of Scandinavia at the moment.

Here a map of how the fighting is moving on … ( it´s updated once a day).

/ ps I prefer Putin to Obama thousand times over ,thought to let you know.

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