negotiations from the arab shit hole

Sorry for the rude title but I wanted the picture be tied together with pieces of content.
Feel free to choose.

found via joshua landis ,again an interesting piece of thorough digging I might say !

Author Aron Lund :

You also get further insight to the mess of proclaimed spokesmen and all the clans, tribes and various so called rebel forces which some never even existed/were active on the ground.
The war surely gives a great deal of people a platform often not deserved and that is a fact.
No wonder the news media often get perspectives all wrong .

I find the comments as interesting and that goes for all kinds of links from here to there…

’“We are ready to support from the air the patriotic opposition, including the so-called Free Syrian Army,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently told”

You might get bored or confused reading this , still …the war has got us all involved in one way or the other..

The refugee crisis in my country and all that comes to it leads us to fight each other.
Maybe that is an achievement calculated from some involved ?

e  r  d  o  g   a  n  i  n  m  y  v  i  e  w

So how to end this little blog ?
*yay russia , keep going’ ?
maybe better to find something constructive …as the misunderstandings of the wc…
the water closet…the ’bathroom…the toilet…
Here the image of an arab installation.
In some camps refugees believe the shower is the toilet   🙁
That is a matter to take seriously as the conflicts arise just about everything.
The food is an other theme…we should help out and translate what is what and what is to be adjusted !
We must all makes us understand ’the other’  !!?

ARABISK TOA EDIT Large e-mail view

I edited the image by erasing the posters of Assad and his father on the wall.

have a nice evening and pay attention on today’s memorial of the
night of broken glass


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Could it be appropriate to use this kind of info ? …she wondered silently …

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