Music is not haram

In my part of the world music is still allowed.
But sadly we have an increasing number of citizens who are against it.
According to their belief music is haram, which means not allowed.
It is shirk to play ,dance ,sing and most of all music is one part of our society that they count into all what’s bad with western way of life.
I do not need to get into all other sides of the coin. (their own nasheeds for instance)
Neither am I to list all of what we were to cut off the day we are no longer in majority to judge for our selves.

This piece of news about the Mali musicians is great read.
Check it out.
I found it via a tweet from a friends RT.

So…..reading the latest silly debate in my country it makes me upset and sad too…when ’actors’  begin using their music scene for politics . They sure should think things through before acting that stupid.

Aren’t these guys happy who ever would buy an album or go visit a live show ?

I say to them : You fools !
Music is better used to unite people and not tear them apart !

Even more strange is to see their ’fans’ never questioning those  forces that bans music.
Have these people no brains at all !! ??
There will come a day when they will regret every day they had not checked out what is what and who is who.

I curse them.
Schaytan will hunt them until the very last day.
Because I believe if there is a schaytan he would be a black metal, a death metal and of course he would like all great rockmusic there is in the world.
That I am positive of.
But honestly who can tell anything about God and his opponent !?

is ban music

musil och sång är satans


// over and out //






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