mrs Woody cleaning nest

ISO 3200 ,  shutterspeed 1/1000  Apreture 14
Cloudy and windy.
Well maybe 3200 is to exaggerate  a bit..still it worked !?


Today was a cloudy and a windy day. I figured I could try out to increase ISO and the shutterspeed to see  if the images could take it,- wouldt hey turn out too ’pixly’ ? – No ,not much , I think the lense needs light though…
It was fun to practise even more and find out other ways to one day  get that ,best- of-  image ,,
one day…
The combination of object , a rare object, a unique happening and  above that a great light !?
+ To always have the camera in order to get it all …
That is like hoping to win the lottery. But sometimes I am lycky  as when Woody ’had some’ 😉

ISO 1600 S 1/640 F8
ISO 1600 S 1/640 F8

my Nikon likes colours  , a flag is great to check out if  the image got it right 🙂

ISO 800 S1/320 F 13

The best of backgrounds next to ’sun in woods’ is in my opinion the lake !

Finally a new Woodpecker image , rather 3 ,,mrs Woody was busy feeding and checkin in the nest.
I am afraid one of the offsprings had not made it as the sound was a bit less busy than yesterdays..
Poor mummy ! But there is another offspring left there , not t forget ’Woody junior’ from before  !

mrs Woody feeding
mrs Woody feeding
mrs Woody checking up nest
mrs Woody checking up nest
probably dead offspring
probably dead offspring

She went off and did turns with food and then got in and took away debris and such…

Life goes on



Thanx for comments on separate images
Tack för kommentarer på bilder  🙂

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