Misty winter

The yellow brick walls made the background quite nice.

DSC_0285 Medium Web view

A new birds-feed was visited often  today by great tits.

DSC_0284 Medium Web view

The tree opposite had a fine profile, I think I have photographed it before .

DSC_0308 mrs woody feb 2014Medium Web view

On my way home the other day I heard Woody again, it has been a while now.
A closer look reveals it is mrs Woody 🙂

bjrktrast feb 2014

Looking down from my window this bird seems to like the frozen berries alot. She turns up every day.
Only once she had a rival and they fought bad , she won, so the best sisu is of hers .
Today luckily the snow falls , but I long for the ice   and to find icy images to create .


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