Maybe I need to decide now

…about previous job offer…
My money won´t last for ages so I better hurry!
A few images then , todays walk -for hours- same woods- new corners;)
edited -the sword
edited-sword as it got too blurry

A leaf from last fall now doing a flamenco


511 flamenco




The lake mirroring the coffeehouse  (owned by the church)

and finally a new speies found ?

758en typ av ärla

758 en typ av ärla ?

A yellow wagtail?
It did sing another song comparing…
as I did also reckon the great tit warning about myself as I suddenly got too close to their nest !!
No wonder they went stressed …and it took a while for me to understad that!!
*shame on me*

The fieldfare from yesterday was still in her nest protecting and watching out 🙂

ruvar fortfarande

ruvar fortfarande

// all for now 🙂







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