Listen at least twice

Take notes
Try to get what he says
mr T.Ramadan…

( the last part is most revealing)


To me it is obvious.
Some believes they have have something ’new’ to contribute to the western civilization !?
False , we are already and we have and we are doing it because it comes natural, the improving .
It comes natural to design, to improve and thus to do better …also to always reform earlier standpoints.
Some might call it ’western civilization’.
Some say it is the structure of a theory called ’the theory of system’.
You can call it whatever you like and to me it is obvious we are getting somewhere ,
in fact we are getting ahead all the time as we are not closing the way to think and explore.
We are not shutting down or prohibiting free thinking due to some divine authority.
Basic human law and rules for humanity is all you need.
Mankind got greed as the biggest dysfunction.
As I see it nor does the theocracies handle greed, they are just as poor as any capitalistic system,
the only way they differ is they preach an illusion to the masses (their masses) that tells some of them are chosen and those true believers will get a reward in afterlife.
If they really consider it to be a good way to live they could continue doing so in their own countries..
Because they should not -which it is also contradicting the belief.. – they should not use our way to live and critize it and here comes the worse part …
They aim for the destruction of it ! Who are they to make such claims ?
We are all human beings and those who speak the word of /for an all- mighty should be ashamed letting people down and use them to spread fatwas and  and taking from their own people both life and security.
I hate to say it but islam is for me only but egoistic ,cruel, and most of all it feeds greed ,war and destruction.
It claims to speak truth but uses lies all day long.

They damage the life of all those muslims who wants to live in peace.
Why can´t they work it out and get rid of the extremists ?


PUTIN seems to me the one who could make peace in the middle east   ..and save us all !?
Obama has lost it.
Europe is too weak.

Maybe religion should be banned  and only given persmission to be practiced at home ,not in public !?
I do not know, all I see is terror and the worst part of it comes from extremists

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