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Hi there !
This evening I am  linking to another blog as I still think it is very important to remind about !!
I have been doing some internet-’work’ as in replies to mail , support to friends and checking out my commitments and done my bit,my share  of current .
I like it very much when I ge things done and the best part is when I also get the replies within an hour – what luxury !!  🙂
This evenings ’best of’ is .. I think, all great response to this homepage !!
-maybe I am into something then…?

I could easily note my page to sites with a great deal of people joining debates …just thinking of my gallery ’politic’ in page politik….I could very well use that to get more people to check in here …
But I am not ready for those just yet
I also know I could show my swed blog in some places and make even more people  to check in here…
But I am not ready for them either .
I think I am fine with having friends- and- family , some music friends and some from facebook who knows , at least roughly-,my way to  blog  and so forth..
// all for now

// thanx again 1000 thanx  🙂

*listening to * and that band , Änglagård  I will se live febr 23rd / Stockhom

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