the enforced as a threat to nato and obama

Well , so now they’ve had the meeting.

Me,a laywoman trying to analyze, yet only considering myself as an amateur.
So I just forward some info .

quote Putin :

’“Russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of Syria or in any other states. Well, at least we don’t plan on it right now….”

Putin has set the alarm ?

’However distasteful he may find it, President Obama has no choice but to try to work with President Vladimir Putin if there is to be an end to the Syria debacle, just as Mr. Obama had no choice but to work with the Russian on the Iran deal.’


Rouhani asks whether those who say they fight ISIS really want to ELIMINATE it or just weaken it? Do they just want ISIS to listen to THEM?

another voice forwarding mr Rouhani ..



No matter what will happen now ,and how things will proceed , it will be frightening
and interesting even from far distance.
I have read what the jihadists think…
And , of course, they are a bit freaked out.
To have Russia there intervening , they can’t blame their biggest enemy Amerika for all shit that’s going on.

I checked the map..
russian power sept 2015

adding another image if you don’t have the time reading the articles (found @joshua_landis)

the levant sept 2015

over and out

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