killing each other

In Syria the war continues and one might wonder how it all will end …
Maybe these ’insurgents’ will kill off each other by the end of the day ?
Sometimes I have had that thought… is it possible the Syrian forces are cleaning up terrorist
the way us have had in mind before ?
Maybe all those civilian lives were not worth that much, maybe it was all seriously to be counted as the outcome of less terrorist would be the win win in this matter ????

Just a theory, nothing much,,,but as time goes by and no one cares about the civilians ,just about
’who is right or who is wrong – vs the west and / Syria Russia Iran ……China…..
Assad is  maybe saved as long as he gets the terrorist down by number.

Then when that day comes someone will shoot him down and take the honour of making the country ’safe’ again. I would not be surprised at all.
The world leaders are scumbags and liars. The media too.
Everything has made me utterly depressed.

It is all there ,he facts to be checked out , and one day will come when the truth is revealed..
That day I will DO MY BEST TO AVOID accusing everyone that  did not pay attention for being :

1. rasists
2. Islamophobic
3. Liars
4. cowards
5. Not to be trusted ever again.

bm -who- feels -hugely- insulted for getting those kinds of   accusations …considering all those years working in hospitals…all those years supporting people…. all those years doing my best…

Down below :
Alternative news media :
pressTV , rt ,  ,,,memriTV mint TV…all forums pro and con , read comment-fields and go from there to…people  that give tip of better links .
The only thing that makes me go on yet another day is when I find people that are eager to find the truth or at least what seems to be most true…Also they debate and listen and question without pushing own propaganda.

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