Is that the case ?

Often you can wonder what our world leaders are up to…
What are they fighting and with whom ?
Maybe the latest internal wars in Egypt and Syria shows exactly the fight within the fight….
One for the country to stay intact and to move on with business , then dealing with the rest of the world – as they have done in the past.
The other is …are the forces not happy with the situation as their agenda is more,they are not pleased with the outcome of a secular state and the possible changes needed to count in all people no matter belief or not.
The brotherhood established 1928 and has been beaten down many times, still they are fighting.
Before that it was an empire holding the desire for a kalifat , thus they were beaten in the end.
To master and put mosques on churches may not be the best way to proclaim islam is the best of religions… They fight against their own preachings ! No wonder the bible was reformed and people could put the text behind and focus on the spiritual side of the questions.
Islam does not have that option and it is seen throughout history not to forget the latest battlefield (in Syria)…
Just look at all the different warlords not being able to keep together. (same in gaza strip),(same in egypt)
So..yes the case might be the fact the world leaders* are fighting the terrorist and not the faith!?
The problem is now ,as their( the islamists) number increases due migration, where to find them all and what to offer them instead ? Reasoning and science seems not to be the one nor the hospitality by housing, food and schools available…Peace is not anything we are thanked for..
To me ,as I see it ,,,there is always a fight about something that they claim is urgent and must put aside all and everything else the country is up to. Even if there are no proof of criminal acts done they must invent them!!!The media swallows it all as they need to sell papers,,, What about old people living here having no food on the table? What about the unemplyment ?
What about our need to take care of other things than matters of religion.We have left that sceen long time ago and do not want it back !
Maybe small countries like mine has no chans to fulfill that task , to take on a huge number of people that carries with them a beliefsystem leading they bring future juhadists to fight on our land ?
The fight on the net has already began, what about when the population increases to the extent there will be clashes amongs sunni vs shia,,sunni vs alawites or :
sunni vs people from Syria (christians) that fled them once during the war!?
We have taken on both sides, all sides from the areas of conflicts..Now they fight at refugée-camps and in the suburbs already!!Those who get tha blame are the hosts… us , we, the naive and blue eyed people.
Just read the news!!!

Here is the article , please read it

*…russia…france….who else ?

läge -utkik

läge -utkik

MAY 2013

Kee in mind this is bias,still the previous attack /may2013/ was commited by the rebel forces, what in earth would be the idea of beginning to use it NOW by Syria ? None,none at all because that would be the end of Syria…Even Russia would step back from support.ds

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