IS plus music do not match

or rather the choice of an event where to get as many ’infidels’ possible…
Is to strike where they gather in crowds. (throngs)
France is still the hotspot for attackers, as we have been witnessing recent years.
I have read the arguments from various jihadists, and they all speak the same.
The United States is the ultimate place to strike but France is the second important goal.
Think about that.
I have also  read all kinds of reasons why hitting  elsewhere too.
The ’lone wolves’ appear in their list of their ’warriors’ fighting for Allah.
Well , what to say ?
The article is no news to me.
We will se much more of this in the future.
The only thing we don’t know is how many will succeed and how many plots will be folded.
There has been many attempts ended already.
Some were not.
The aftermath is to get them prosecuted, and it will , naturally, steer even more hatred against us.


musil och sång är satans


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