Is obama abandoning christians ?

Or I could also call the blogg :
’Is Obama planning to turn the back to christianity /in america/and introducing ISLAM instead ??
If it´s not the pipe-lines what else can it be considering the horror people of christian belief is going through both in Egypt and now in Syria….
Is he really going to pull that through? Just like that? Leaving them to be slaughtered !?<—click here
Listen to the whole of it ( I know there are many similar out there)
LISTEN (not graphic,just the image of priest) click
( there are many evidences like this ,just read the news!!)

’you can not replace a problem with a bigger problem’ click



I also remind you of the catholic nun Agnes Mariam  *please click *

Here I read she had the same notes of the same tubeclips as I have gone through !!
It is a bless to read every single one that makes the same questionings…

There are many intellectuals writing , journalists,political writers and bloggers involved,,,there are also many young people committed  .Them i want to link here too,just as the guy who tries to explain in the first clip.
I give them a try . They deserve it.
On Youtube I found this young russian guy  , must add him as I find him sincere and honest.
Also ’Syrian Girl’ works hard to fight fo her country ,well done all young people that searches for the truth I say !  Remember to check people that were against Assad in the beginning -and wanted a change- now they are for him as the ’third part’ invaded their country …to set up a kalifat…to make a bloody mess…to even make their own intrepretation of the religion look so bad now ,,,so even  many many imams are upset as they have destroyed the view of islam for maybe for ever as one said !!!

Article by Robert Fisk

12 resons why…




In a future there will be tribunals and those accused will not only be the jihadist forces ,.
No ! :  America,Great Britain, France and all warmongers selling shipping providing and most of all supporting the killings of civilians will be charged for murder.
I think even my little country will get some of the blame for not investigating more thoroughly about the trips to Egypt and to Syria by citizens ….Most of all we will also get blame for not checking what they /actually /were preaching in the mosques…and in the communities we support by tax….
We will get the blame for not handling migration properly as we should have supported peace efforts instead of taking care of a fraction of refugees , just to look good.
We could have done alot better I am sure.People do not want to flee their homelands and they should be helped to get back every time situations had calmed down.
The good healthy migration is about work and education, about being interested enough of a country and therefore applying a stay. Or the most common natural way to move  :
You travel and meet a loved one .
– Will God be the winner from this ? Maybe so , I do not know, I will probably not be here anymore ,that day , if it takes too long….

*give peace a chans* / listen carefully to Bernard Lewis /
by that I mean we must let  wise men talk and we must all put an effort to understand what ideas we support and not.

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