Inside Assad’s Syria

I often go to Joshua Landis to pick up interesting  views.

Inside Assad’s Syria I will check out for sure as my focus is , still, on the war there.

Read this link ->

—how the war began, they had a consistent narrative: That the protesters that took to the streets in 2011 had legitimate demands, but that the demonstrations were quickly hijacked by foreign backed jihadists.’
Read this piece too…it’s from 2012 .
’some of the attacks targeting Shias and Alawites appear to be motivated by sectarianism.’

I believe most of us following the war picked up that part quite early.
The part of sectarianism.


My usual scroll through swedish jihadi profiles , adding their friends ,has made me quite fed up but also given me a fast lane to pick up changes of mood…Especially since Putin came on to the ’scene’.
These guys continue the usual mockery, the usual propaganda and lately they share everything they can to make us look at their’ enemies on the g_r_o_u_n_d as the evil ones, the war criminals …though ..they fully understand they themselves keep the gold medal ..?
Often they link to new friends doing the same.  scroll dwn page

Well well , what to say ?
To post profiles of shia deserters fleeing to Europe does not help them much.
Of course these guys will collide with former jihadis on our streets, eventually, but that we can not hinder.

Or can we ?


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