In my country…

They have sponsored the radical islamism för a long time now.
Also, not to forget all reactions after crimes and murders…especially held against jews and of course the freedom of speech .
The media and the politicians have made it as a rule to , always, begin with big rallies shouting :
We must stand against islamophobia   and so forth.

Strange it may seem.
I have lost trust and lost words a long time now.
This blog is my only way to keep updated (for my own sake) …to keep updated about what is happening.
I do not trust the leadership in Sweden anymore.
They will not pay any much attention to these news , I think. Great news but to few of them…
I could even bet on it, it will be posted for a sec or two and then , in a hurry, as always, be placed in the back of the papers.
over and out

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