I think

Todays talk @ dinner lead me to think I am on /into something as one of my friends also had that in mind to define…
’Who you are in person on the net and what substance,,, what ideas and causes  you are proposing’.
To me it felt natural to see I am not into placing myself in any spotlight personally –
as I am on the other hand wanting and aiming for to pinpoint and give suggestions to places  I  find important to read and/or check out.
this is very important to consider!!!
As this also leads you to evaluate why some are using nicknames and hidden agendas and not revealing themselves ..
-What does it  mean to do the opposite and how does that effect you and your own personal security…
My way to photograph and to post various thoughts when writing on my diary…
Taking photos will be a way to add a balance into this all.
The music belongs to that idea and the need to find caress in life .
You can not worry about all kinds of matters 24hrs …
I am of the kind that reflects  and am questioning not only myself but also many aspects of life  that we do in our spoiled part of the world.
Of course I am eager to make that album of images called ’politics’ ,
but as for now I will only post a tubeclip that I found the other day.
Made in sweden , made for sweden and adressed to people that should have a look at it.
yes that clip will then of course land in the swedish blog.
That´s about how I want to work these pages.
// bm



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