I have this idea…

Today I think I have finally got the depressive mode to ease off a bit better…I think  !?
The headache was there bothering me but I needed to get out for a walk despite the heavy sun !!
I got to practise new issues about how to photograph when it is ’too sunny ’.
Back home the past debate was now added with a new article that made my mind bloom.
I am fully aware of future conflicts and presumed issues when and if I dare to speak my mind
When is a debate dangerous ?
I tell you , it get´s dangerous when too many feel they have  no say and when the media shuts down everyone trying to question the ’agenda’ of BS pc-iness.min sten

I now must make a choise to stand by  myself and not give in.
What could possibly happen ?
Various threats ??
Guess so , but I am not alone anymore.
so back to my idea…what if…
What if I made a better – improved gallery / album to the page ’Politics’ and shared it ?

– Yes is my answer I  do !!
But firstly I must finish up things on my to- do- list already written.
Life is back 🙂

bagita from da space

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